a conference on social and ecological infrastructure for recidivism reduction

PART ONE:  Thursdays, 3-4:30PM EST, June 2-July 14, FULLY ONLINE

PART TWO:  Friday & Saturday, 9AM-5PM, July 22-23, IN PERSON
Reconnecting people, ecosystems, and communities-- within and beyond prison walls
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The ECOLOGIES OF JUSTICE conference will convene researchers, practitioners, and community leaders who work at the intersection of correctional programs, community-based interventions, and ecological sustainability.  Join us to learn together and build new collaborations. 

The event takes place in two parts.  PART ONE will be fully online and focuses primarily on sharing information and engaging in discussion.  Weekly sessions on Thursdays (from June 2 until July 14) will center on themes such as social impacts of ecological conservation, key issues related to reentry, green workforce development, STEM education and college programs, the healing potentials of people-plant interactions, food and agriculture, developing participatory and collaborative research projects, and program evaluation.


PART TWO will take place in person, and focuses on building a community of researchers and practitioners who are thinking about and acting on ecological issues in prison, jail, and community spaces. Participation is extremely limited for Part Two and is by invitation only.   Anyone who is interested in attending Part Two may express their interest through a short application.  It is intended for those who are actively imagining, designing, researching, or implementing programs, research projects, or interventions. The focus of this part of the conference will be to identify key issues for advancing the work in our local, regional, or national contexts and develop new collaborations, research agendas, future visions, next steps, scenarios, and/or courses of action.  


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ECOLOGIES OF JUSTICE is a conference that builds on the momentum of the 2021 Conference on Social and Ecological Infrastructure for Recidivism Reduction, which was co-convened by Yale School of the Environment and Boston College (see for details on the 2021 event).  Through this first convening, it became clear that although recidivism has historically been used as important measurement of whether or not someone who has previously been incarcerated commits another crime, achieving the goal of preventing crime and advancing public safety also requires renewed attention to understanding and creating new possibilities for community and interconnection. This could be, for instance, connection to new career opportunities, connection to necessary resources, connection to plant ecologies and the land, or connection between people and communities that have been separated.  The 2022 conference accordingly centers the work of the community-based organizations and leaders who have, for decades, been working -- both in collaboration with correctional agencies and beyond formal institutions -- to create safe, healthy, equitable and sustainable communities. 


In this spirit, ECOLOGIES OF JUSTICE highlights a range of people and organizations who are involved in implementing, researching, or imagining a wide range of green, ecological and environmental initiatives in prisons, jails, and communities impacted by incarceration.  It aims to offer an overview of research and practice in this area, and also facilitate new opportunities for community and connection among all participants.  This year's conference is co-hosted by Boston College, Evergreen State College, and the 2022 conference organizing committee (see below), with financial support from the National Science Foundation.



Amanda Berger
Kelli Bush
Matt DelSesto
Dani Jauk-Ajamie
William Jett
Gunner Johnson
Elizabeth Lara
Grady Mitchell
Robert Ortiz
Raquel Pinderhughes
Lashawn Taylor
Shea Zwerver


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